The prestigious TAGOOR Group was established in the year 2005. Over the years, the group has expanded and diversified into a variety of businesses, namely;

  • Manufacturing of bulk drug and their intermediates.
  • Manufacturing of Fish and Cattle Feed with a capacity of 200 metric tons per day.
  • Rice Bran Oil Extraction plant with a capacity of 250 Metric tons per day.
  • Hatcheries of Pangasius Fish which cater to more than 10000 farmers in southern states of India.
  • Fish and Prawn Cultures which spread over 1700 Acres of land.

Led by a dynamic entrepreneur and leader, Dr. PV Subramanyam Raju, the group with an average tenure of 10 years has shown path-breaking success and growth since its inception.

The unprecedented growth in the less time span is mainly due to the management belief in the concept of “Backward Integration”. The group is always looks in to the roots of the business and focusses to absorb adequate knowledge and amalgamate the same to manufacture the basic materials on their own which always adds value to the business in terms of economy and standards.

Our Priorities

Team work guided by ‘Empathy' and ‘Dynamism', that provide guidance for current behaviour and inspiration for future actions.

Address customer needs by supplying high-quality material.

Game-changing inventory of finished products being demand ready round the clock.

Owning the power to enable and help customers ensure that products are delivered when needed, where needed.

Offering Innovative Product supply at affordable prices.

Round the clock availability to the customers offering care, innovative solutions and help them succeed.

These priorities and principles make TAGOOR Group a supplier of choice both in the domestic as well as global markets.

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Our Vision Since 2015

With increasing demand for nutritive and healthy oils, India has always been an edible oil importer. De-Oiled cakes such as De-oiled rice bran, De-oiled cotton cake, De-oiled Soya bean, De-oiled Rapeseed are bi-products after solvent extraction of crude edible oils. In recent years, with advanced research in fish nutrition, these bi-products have evolved as effective protein sources in fish feed. In order to capture this win-win situation where oils can be sold with growing demand and De-oiled cakes can be used in fish feed, TAGOOR group started its Agro Industries in the year 2015.

The industry is strategically located in Adamilli village of West Godavari Dist. where there is surplus cultivation of key raw materials such as Paddy, Cotton Seed, Soya Bean, and Rape Seed. The industry's location has always shown an encouraging stature to the local farmers to increase their productivities. As in all the manufacturing facilities of the group, stringent quality assurances are practiced at the facility. The capacity of the present day plant is 250 metric tons/month.


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